Wednesday, October 19, 2011

content consumption by Indians

it is very interesting how we Indians consume content - music movies et al. it takes great ingenuity to make us pay for anything .

content providers are burning midnight oil to evolve biz models to make Indians pay.

we pirate without shame. we download worrying about rights. we show very little respect towards IP .

what is needed is fair pricing by the content providers and innovation in technology to make this change. if the Indian viewer can aceess HD content in a secured manner and still pays , the content industry will emerge more stronger .

watch out for Hungama and Intel insider for some amazing work in this area .


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Visiting the pink and blue cities 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Visit to Crawford Market

Shooping Tour to Crawford Market Slideshow: Sachin’s trip was created by TripAdvisor. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

at master chef sets

enjoying the indiblogger event

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hum Badhe , Sab Badhe

A better life awaits those who fear the computer and technology! Won’t you be their guiding light?
Log on to and find a simple and easy way for them to learn.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Why I was attracted towards Apple ?

My first exposure of computers of any sorts was i286 and 386 with a CGA monitor. Obviously the most commonly used applications were Turbo C and turbo Pascal and we used get hard ons writing TSRs and figuring out BIOS codes and using Norton’s Chronicles. The world was hovering around DOS and beautiful DOS.

Around that time , my cousin Vishwas introduced me to the world beyond DOS. We went to design studio in Pune and gawked at Amiga 2000 and the beautiful animations made on that machine. He also got a Macintosh II CX .

We loved the UI , we loved the colors and we loved the cool apps which came with it such as Adobe Pagemaker and the cool Trash can. We learned new tricks and played with it like a toy in kids’ hand.

We were the only year in final year engineering who had a neatly typed report on the final year project on MAC with PageMaker. It was the start of My experience with Apple.

Many Macs came and went by that time and we were thrilled to see innovation emerging from Apple stable. The coolest design I loved was Imac g3 which was as attractive as a racing car. Most of my work experience was evolved on Windows 3.11 , Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95 till 1992 but the comparison with MAC OS was always in back of your mind.

Getting inside Apple was the dream of the company where I worked and finally in 1996 , Apple Macs for the first time had Intel CPUs inside.

Though I never owned a MAC , I started looking at the other cools stuff from Apple stable . My first IPOD – a 30GB white chubby was a discovery and I started getting hooked to Itunes and was figuring out how to rip my mp3s on the ipod.

As the famous sayings goes , disk space and bandwidth does not satisfy your cravings to get more . my iPod went from 30GB to 60GB and beyond. A few more Shuffles and A violet Nano which became an inseparable companion on the trademill, the quest to have an Apple every day was on.

 I moved to IPhone 2G with unlocking skill s taught by my cousins. Ziphone and Zimbra were my first tutors and then I moved to Ultras0w , greenpoison and others. Jail breaking was a rage and I explored every corner of my Iphone 2G till it was lost. It was so funny to show off the Iphone in Microsoft offices. A few Microsoft employees got their IPhones only to scolded by Steve Ballmer later.

A new toy came by which was IPAD and my freedom to explore the Apple gadgets was snatched away by my 8 year and 6 year olds. They became the new masters of the Apple house and slowly became the primary users of the IPAD.

What I loved was the ecosystem around the Apple toys with Apps , sleeves , skins , adapters , jackets and docks. I am sure every Apple sold there were at least 100 $ worth junk was bought.
Last year , I watched the documentary “ Pirates of the Silicon Valley “ and had fun understanding the complex relationships between Steve and Bill.

So what’s the big deal ? Why I loved apple ? Three things – Great user experience , Great reliability and continuous innovation to form the i-cult. I took inspiration from the clean and neat UI to start thinking on my India UI app – Darpan and without shame ready to admit it draw inspirations from IPad.

So Thank you Steve for making this experience memorable so far. I am sure the Apple team will continue on the legacy and churn out more innovations in time to come.