Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I want a simplified PC experience

A simple software application designed to simplify the use of PC and Internet for Indian consumer.
Personal Computers are becoming a part of daily life and are increasingly used by consumers across India. Use of Personal computers is often limited to technology savvy and English literate users. There is a need to simplify the PC user experience and provide an easy to use interface which is available in Indian local languages. The Indian consumers are also looking at Internet content which is relevant to them and which they can access without any difficulties.

Darpan is a simple software program tailored to meet the Ease of Interface and Local language demands of Indian consumers. Darpan provides a graphical access to Indian Internet content. This approach takes away the need to remember the complicated Internet address (URLs) and gives the consumer the comfort of accessing the relevant content in a simple manner. The Content is categorized across different channels which gives the consumer a wide choice to connect to Internet and use it in an effective manner.

You can download and try the experience from this Link . This interface is currently designed for India but can easly be replicated for other countries.

Some screenshots..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saguna Baug


A great initiative by Mr. Bhadsavale . he has developed a 50 acre plot near Karjat and created an amazing farming experience for the CITIzens of Mumbai . Many of us have not seen a farm environment and our kids have seen only the farmville . To get a real farm experience and enjoy clean air , suggest take a 2 hr drive from Mumbai and visit Saguna baug


details at www.sagunabaug.com

To BT or not to BT


why a politician should be involved in promoting a controversial product ?

Release of Bt brinjal into the environment for food, feed and cultivation may present a serious risk for human and animal health; the GM aubergine is unfit for consumption [1] . That's the verdict of French scientist Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini of the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN), who carried out the first ever independent assessment of Monsanto-Mahyco's dossier on toxicity tests submitted to the Indian regulatory authorities.


More on this at following link



What a mess ?


One Movie ( MNIK ) , two politicians ( AC and BD) , police force busy protecting movie halls and 7 innocent young lives ….dead in Pune. It is a shameful situation . A state which is known for its law and order is going to dogs and the ABCD is to blame for this …   Real shame. I hope all the souls  which came on the streets post 26/11 are still active and alive… Is any body showing these monkeys their real place ?


Another gem from RRP : we failed to judge the intelligence….