Friday, May 29, 2009

Rann the Movie


This is from the controversial movie by Ram Gopal Verma. Though changing the national anthem and create a song out of it is really an issue and should not be allowed, the song still touches a chord in your heart with the issues it raises. I hope the movie is also equally good.

Will look forward a good RGV movie


Monday, May 18, 2009

JaI Ho to Indian Voter

Finally the poll results are out. The poll pundits , the astrologers, the journalists and the punters have failed to guess the verdict and that is the great relief to a common Indian. The debate is not about the choice between UPA or NDA , both are equally good or bad . The main point which was proven that the so called " King maker" brigade has been shown their true value and the made to eat the humble pie. Over the last few years , the likes of Paswan , Mayawati , Mulayam , Amar , ChandraBabu , not to mention , the ever useless Karat and brigade have started using the democracy to arm twist the party ruling the government and get into issues which took the country no where.

At least , Congress can take some more clear decisions which can be implemented without any more negotiations with these middle mens. Congress still has the tough mandate to be true on everybody's expectations and they will still have a tough time in these economic situations. But at least they can use the collective wisdom to get going that the collective witchdom to stall every thing.

Stock Market has shown this belief by jumping 2000 points today. I am sure Markets will correct after this initial euphoria. But what the heck , the political mood in the country is indicating more stability compared to last 5 years. So celebrate and make money if you can...

Cheers and JAI HOOOO