Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Add High Resolution Photos In Web Pages with SeaDragon


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Most websites have around ~600 pixels (width) reserved for content and are therefore unable to accommodate high-res images like these aerial photographs from NASA that are around 3000×3000 in size.

aerial picture
Satellite Picture. Credit: NASA

Embed High-Res Images to your Website

I have earlier discussed at least two different methods for embedding big pictures – one used the Google Maps Cutter approach while the other required Zoomify software. They are both free but the problem is that you need to have your own server space to host the image tiles. So here’s a third alternative that’s both simple and also provides hosting space.

Step 1: Go to PhotoZoom (a Microsoft service), create an album and upload some large picture. For this example, I am using the aerial image of New York City captured by NASA satellites on 9-11.

Step 2: Once the photo is uploaded, click “View Individual Photos” to get the URL of the image you just uploaded onto Photozoom. (see video demo)

Step 3: Copy-paste the link of the XML files from the web page and paste it here on Microsoft Live Labs. Click Build Embed.

You get a small snippet of JavaScript that you can embed anywhere in the web page as shown below. The embedded image can be viewed in any web browser that has JavaScript enabled – no need to have Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">Seadragon.embed("400px", "300px", "", 3072, 2098, 512, 0, "jpg");</script>

Monday, November 24, 2008

Intel New Contest for Game Developer


I have renewed interest in Intel and gaming due to my change in career. I find Intel and other tech companies using the Intent medium more and more to generate customer and partner excitement. This contest is one more such effort to get game developers excited and participate. Intel Software Partner Program is a great tool for software companies to connect with Intel and leverage the value of platforms which Intel is providing.  Do check these communities and sites to learn more on what is the future of computing. Cheers…



Intel has stared a new contest for the game developers around the world and it has $40,000 cash reward for the winner of this contest. The job in the contest is to use HAVOK Physics engine and develope a game which show Innovative use of Havok in the game.

There are two Categories to compete for.

Category 1: Most Innovative Use of Physics in a Game. Your entry must be a playable PC game demo that includes new or unique uses of Havok technology. We’re looking for new ways for the player to interact with the game through physics, showing different uses of physics than what can be found in PC games today.

Category 2: Best Physics Knowledge Base Entry. We’re looking for the best contributions that can benefit the game developer community. This can be a code sample, optimization tip, technical whitepaper, a technical abstract of your demo, or any other technical content that shares your knowledge of game physics with the community.


  • November 15 - submit your game demo concept to be eligible for the final round.
  • January 16 - submit your knowledge base entry to be eligible for the top prizes.

How to Join:

  1. Register for the contest using the link below.
  2. Add your entry in the Title / Description and Media fields.
  3. Click Submit. You can always go back later and edit your entry.

Registration Form Click Here

Official Rules  Click Here

Download Havok Click Here

Discussion Forum Click Here

Friday, November 07, 2008

India & Obama


While everybody In India cheered Obama and his famous victory , most of us had no clue about what it will meant for India as a country. Beyond the personal charisma and “OBAMA” appeal , following are some of the points to ponder.. courtesy : ET India 5th Nov

What Cheers India:

Natural Ally: Obama says building strategic partnership with India top priority and sees India as a natural strategic ally of the US in the 21st century.
Terrorism and Pakistan: More focused on ending terrorism and Al Qaeda by concentrating on finishing Al Qaeda sanctuaries in Pakistan and bringing stability in Afghanistan. Plans to increase aid to Afghanistan.
Iraq and Muslim world: Promises withdrawal of troops in Iraq within 18 months - a fountainhead of hostility against the US in the Muslim world. Makes it easier for India to deal with a US with better standing in the Middle East.
Economy: Favors greater regulation of financial institutions.
Backs immigration reform and H1B visa programme.

What makes India cautious:

CTBT: Obama has strong views on non-proliferation. May try to force India to accept CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) and provoke a fresh debate in India on this sensitive issue. Shouldn't be a problem after the US, China come on board.
Kashmir: May try to play peace-keeper in Kashmir, a tendency that is likely to be resented and opposed by India which sees Kashmir as a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan and one that does not need third-party intervention.