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Indrajal Comics Link


For all those who grow on Indrajal Comics - Phantom , Mandrake and Bahadur ,enclosed are links for most of them. This gem of collection is provided by

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Phantom - The Emperor's Dream

Phantom - The Missing Trophy

Phantom - The Game of Treachery

Mandrake - The Surge of Evil

Phantom - The Invincible Ghost

Phantom - The Infuriated Ghost

Mandrake - The Invisible Thief

Phantom - The Jungle Patrol

Bahadur - The Seeds of Poison

Phantom - The Game

Phantom - The Gold Prospectors

Bahadur - The Massacre at Sitapur

Phantom - Stripes

Phantom - The Treasure of Bengali Bay

Phantom - The Riddle of the Witch

Flash Gordon - The Death Chant on Klet

Phantom - Worubu's Secret

Phantom - The Legendary Heroes

Phantom - The Story of Hero

Phantom - Tryst with Destiny

Phantom - The Legendary Foe

Mandrake - The Sinister World of 8

Dara - The Sparks of Treason

Bahadur - The Dictates of Destiny

Mandrake - The Famous Friendship

Rip Kirby - The Dangerous Adversary

Mandrake - Aleena The Enchantress - Part 1

Mandrake - Aleena The Enchantress - Part 2

Phantom - The Benevolent Ghost

Buzz Sawyer - The Blue Angel

Mandrake - The Cobra's Trap

The Phantom's Wedding

Phantom - King Pepe's Bride

Phantom - The Unknown Commander

Phantom - The Enchanting Island

Phantom - The Iron Monster

Phantom - The Spy Pilot

Phantom - The Sacred Pledge

Phantom - The Impostor

Phantom - The Deadly Web

Phantom - The Ill Fated Voyage - I & II

Phantom - The Romantic Witch

Phantom - The Mystery of Zokko

Phantom - Trial by Fire

Phantom - The Little People

Buz Sawyer - The Captive Couple

Phantom - Vetaal Cup

The First Phantom

Mandrake - The Treacherous Gang

Mandrake - Encounter with Space Creatures

Phantom - Vetaal Parampara

Flash Gordon - The Testing Challenge

Phantom - Safedposh Lootere

Phantom - The Curse of Lago

andrake - Terror from Outer Space

Mandrake - The Eccentric Genius

Phantom - Goldbeard's Strike Force

Phantom - Merchants of Death

Phantom - The Grand Prize

Phantom - Oogooru The Deity of Murder

Phantom - The Trembling Jungle

Phantom - The Satchel

Phantom - The River Pirates

Phantom - The Valley of No Return

Phantom - The Return of the Beast

Phantom - The Corba Diamonds - by Johnny Hotwire

Phantom - Hoogan The Witchman

Phantom - The Secret of Vacul Castle - I

Phantom - The Secret of Vacul Castle - II

Buz Sawyer - The Eagle's Lair

Phantom - The Super Apes

Phantom - The Dare-Devils

The Secret of Magic Mountain

Phantom - The Roughneck Mob

Phantom - The Delta Pirates and Lothar The Mighty

Phantom - The Belt

Phantom - The Blue Gang

Phantom - The Masked Marvel

Phantom - The Mysterious Ruins

Official Mandrake

Bahadur - Teen Khooni Darinde

Phantom - The Gray Gang

Mandrake - and The Black Wizard

Mandrake - The Giant Tootache

Phantom - Maut Ki Rahe Vol-1

Phantom - Maut Ki Rahe Vol-2

Phantom - Maut Ki Rahe Vol-3

Mandrake - The Disturber

Phantom - The Cold Fire Worshippers

Phantom - The Mysterious Toy

Phantom - Prapat ka Rahasya

Phantom - The White Goddess

Flash Gordon - The Death Trap of Mongo

Mandrake - Doomsday

Flash Gordon - Caligula ka Shadyantra

Phantom - The Masked Avenger - 1

Phantom - The Masked Avenger - 2

Phantom - The Masked Avenger - 3

Mandrake - Incredible Space Menace

Mandrake - Gunaho Ki Lapte

Phantom - The Cursed City

Phantom - The Missing Bridegroom

The Girl Phantom

Mandrake - Spell of The Enchantress

Garth-Pagal Pisaach

Phantom - Secret of Nacabre s Castle

Mandrake - Satan s Man

Blind Phantom

Buz Sawyer-Maut Ki Haar

Flash Gordon - Mongo s Rebel Warlords

Phantom - Chalta Phirta Pret

Phantom - The Drummer of Timpenni

Mandrake - The Ratmen of Rodencia

Phantom - The Challenge of Cannibals

Kerry Drake - The Weird Wills

Phantom - Fiftieth Wife

Phantom - String of Black Pearls

Bahadur - The Murderous trio

Phantom - Gangster s Dive

Kerry Drake - In The Devil s Grip

Flash Gordon - Death Trap

Phantom - The Hunters

Phantom - Diana s Deadly Tour

Phantom - MoonStone Phantom

Phantom - The Midnight Heist

Mandrake - College of Magic

The 22nd Phantom - Part 1

The 22nd Phantom - Part 2

Kerry Drake - The Fist of Fate

Phantom - The Devil Cult

Moonstone Phantom Part 2

Bahadur - The Red Bricks House

Phantom - The Tyrant of Tarakimo

FlashGordon - Shani Chakra

Phantom - Live Cargo

Corrigan - The Criminal Genius

Phantom - The Dilemma

Phantom - The Goggle Eye Pirates

Mandrake - Samudri Rakshas

Phantom - The Swamp Dragon

Phantom - The Killer Gang

Phantom - The Promise

Rip Kirby - Maut Ki Gufa

Phantom - Death in Central Park

Phantom - And the Samaris

Flash Gordon - Mrityu ki Jwala

Phantom - Devil's Story

Mandrake - Towering Colossus

Phantom - Many Adventures

Dara - The Lurking Conspirator

Phantom - The Singh Brotherhood - Part 1

Phantom - The Singh Brotherhood - Part 2

Phantom - The Singh Brotherhood - Part 3

Buz Sawyer - The Hidden Vipers

Bahadur - Spectre of Crime

Phantom - Registaan me Narsanghaar

Phantom - Sunahere Phool Ka Rahasya

Buz Sawyer in Antartica

Phantom - More Adventures

Mandrake - The Secret Plot

Phantom - Night in Denkali

Phantom - Thugs in Denkali

Flash Gordon - Ming Ka Shikaar - 1

Flash Gordon - Ming Ka Shikaar - 2

Flash Gordon - Ming Ka Shikaar - 3

Phantom - Moogoo's Doll

Mandrake - Mysterious Eight

Phantom - Bad Ones

Phantom - Mysterious Guide

Phantom - Khooni Giddh

Supremo - The Hijack

Bahadur - The Highway Gang

Phantom - The Mysterious Pharaoh

Phantom - Manav Bhakshi Jalpari

Buz Sawyer - The Lost Island

Phantom - The Return of Bababu

Phantom - The Romantic Witch

Phantom - The Paradise

Mandrake - The Trickster

Phantom - The Human Beast

Flash Gordon - Sheng The Savage

Phantom - The Hairy Monsters

Mandrake - The Dreaded Island

Phantom-Mandrake - The Villains Challenge

Mandrake - The Time Traveller

Phantom - Johnny Hotwire

Mandrake - The Magician's Challenge

Phantom - The Phantom's Treasure

Phantom - The Mystery of the Veiled Lady


Phantom - The Phantom is Chained

Mandrake - The Crystal Creatures

Phantom - The Kaluga Giant

Mandrake - The Master Criminal

Phantom - Jumba The Giant Elephant

Mandrake - The Killer Cobra

Phantom - Sky High Piracy

Mandrake - Maze of Hurdles

Phantom - The Mysterious Passenger

Mandrake - Sea of Horror

Phantom - The Mysterious Bank Robbery

Phantom - The Death House of Hydra

Mandrake - Test of a Magician

Mandrake - Year 50000 AD

Phantom - Masked Emissary

Mandrake - Legend of the Giants

Phantom and the Vultures

Mandrake - In the Future

Mandrake - The Maze of Horror

Phantom - Deadly Trio

Rip Kirby - The Foiled Coup

Mandrake - The Framed Innocent

Phantom - The Ghost Tribe

Mandrake - The Giant Man

Mandrake - The Secret Invention

Mandrake - Princess Narda

Mandrake & Phantom - Shadows on Devil Road

Mandrake - The House of Horrors

Phantom - The Swamp of Death

2007 Top 10 weirdest USB drives!


2. The Humping dog USB memory

The Humping dog USB memory
Yes! We’re finally getting closer to the number one position, only one mor to go. Here’s a really weird little USB drive that has one thing that is really unique - it features moving parts. As soon as you plug the humping dog into your computer it starts humping it. Check out this video clip to see it in action! Who! Who! Who let the dogs out!

The humping dog USB memory []

1. The Teddy USB memory

The Teddy USB memory
Drumroll please! Tada, here’s the final winner. It’s a bit different than the last winner (the USB Barbie drive) but it’s still a really cool and weird USB drive. You just rip the head off and plug it in! It’s designed by Sergio de Ana and as it doesn’t look like a typical USB drive, it’s probably quite safe to store data in it as long as you keep it’s head on! I bet you have to be careful with this one to not scare the kids, hehe.

2007 Top 10 weirdest USB drives!

PC World - The 50 Greatest gadgets of the Past 50 Years


How many of these have you owned?  When I counted  , my count was 5 ( walkman , ipod ,razr v3 , ps2 , gameboy ) ...


PC World's list of the top 50 tech gadgets of the last half century was assembled after we polled our editors for nominations. We then rated the nominated gadgets for usefulness, design, degree of innovation, influence on subsequent gadgets, and the "cool factor." Here are the results. (For more on our 50 Greatest Gadgets project, see the full story.)

  1. Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (1979)
  2. Apple iPod (2001)
  3. (Tie) ReplayTV RTV2001 and TiVo HDR110 (1999)
  4. PalmPilot 1000 (1996)
  5. Sony CDP-101 (1982)
  6. Motorola StarTAC (1996)
  7. Atari Video Computer System (1977)
  8. Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera (1972)
  9. M-Systems DiskOnKey (2000)
  10. Regency TR-1 (1954)
  11. Sony PlayStation 2 (2000)
  12. Motorola Razr V3 (2004)
  13. Motorola PageWriter (1996)
  14. BlackBerry 850 Wireless Handheld (1998)
  15. Phonemate Model 400 (1971)
  16. Texas Instruments Speak & Spell (1978)
  17. Texas Instruments SR-10 (1973)
  18. Diamond Multimedia Rio PMP300 (1998)
  19. Sony Handycam DCR-VX1000 (1995)
  20. Handspring Treo 600 (2003)
  21. Zenith Space Command (1956)
  22. Hamilton Pulsar (1972)
  23. Kodak Instamatic 100 (1963)
  24. MITS Altair 8800 (1975)
  25. Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 (1983)
  26. Nintendo Game Boy (1989)
  27. Commodore 64 (1982)
  28. Apple Newton MessagePad (1994)
  29. Sony Betamax (1975)
  30. Sanyo SCP-5300 (2002)
  31. iRobot Roomba Intelligent Floorvac (2002)
  32. Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (1999)
  33. Franklin Rolodex Electronics REX PC Companion (1997)
  34. Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 1.0 (1998)
  35. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X (1983)
  36. Iomega Zip Drive (1995)
  37. Magnavox Magnavision Model 8000 DiscoVision Videodisc Player (1978)
  38. Milton Bradley Simon (1978)
  39. Play, Inc. Snappy Video Snapshot (1996)
  40. Connectix QuickCam (1994)
  41. BellSouth/IBM Simon Personal Communicator (1993)
  42. Motorola Handie Talkie HT-220 Slimline (1969)
  43. Polaroid Swinger (1965)
  44. Sony Aibo ERS-110 (1999)
  45. Sony Mavica MVC-FD5 (1997)
  46. Learjet Stereo-8 (1965)
  47. Timex/Sinclair 1000 (1982)
  48. Sharp Wizard OZ-7000 (1989)
  49. Jakks Pacific TV Games (2002)
  50. Poqet PC Model PQ-0164 (1990)

PC World - The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008


These predictions pop up every year. Has any body analysed how these predictions stack up year on year ?  It would be interesting to see what these pundits thought and what happened in reality .....

The top 10 strategic technologies for 2008 include:

Green IT.  The focus of Green IT that came to the forefront in 2007 will accelerate and expand in 2008. Consider potential regulations and have alternative plans for data center and capacity growth. Regulations are multiplying and have the potential to seriously constrain companies in building data centers, as the impact on power grids, carbon emissions from increased use and other environmental impacts are under scrutiny. Some companies are emphasizing their social responsibility behavior, which might result in vendor preferences and policies that affect IT decisions. Scheduling decisions for workloads on servers will begin to consider power efficiency as a key placement attribute.

Unified Communications.  Today, 20 percent of the installed base with PBX has migrated to IP telephony, but more than 80 percent are already doing trials of some form. Gartner analysts expect the next three years to be the point at which the majority of companies implement this, the first major change in voice communications since the digital PBX and cellular phone changes in the 1970s and 1980s.

Business Process Modelling.  Top-level process services must be defined jointly by a set of roles (which include enterprise architects, senior developers, process architects and/or process analysts). Some of those roles sit in a service oriented architecture center of excellence, some in a process center of excellence and some in both. The strategic imperative for 2008 is to bring these groups together. Gartner expects BPM suites to fill a critical role as a compliment to SOA development.

Metadata Management.  Through 2010, organizations implementing both customer data integration and product integration and product information management will link these master data management initiatives as part of an overall enterprise information management (EIM) strategy. Metadata management is a critical part of a company’s information infrastructure. It enables optimization, abstraction and semantic reconciliation of metadata to support reuse, consistency, integrity and shareability. Metadata management also extends into SOA projects with service registries and application development repositories. Metadata also plays a role in operations management with CMDB initiatives.

Virtualization 2.0.  Virtualization technologies can improve IT resource utilization and increase the flexibility needed to adapt to changing requirements and workloads. However, by themselves, virtualization technologies are simply enablers that help broader improvements in infrastructure cost reduction, flexibility and resiliency. With the addition of automation technologies – with service-level, policy-based active management – resource efficiency can improve dramatically, flexibility can become automatic based on requirements, and services can be managed holistically, ensuring high levels of resiliency. Virtualization plus service-level, policy-based automation constitutes an RTI.

Mashup & Composite Apps.  By 2010, Web mashups will be the dominant model (80 percent) for the creation of composite enterprise applications. Mashup technologies will evolve significantly over the next five years, and application leaders must take this evolution into account when evaluating the impact of mashups and in formulating an enterprise mashup strategy.

Web Platform & WOA.  Software as a service (SaaS) is becoming a viable option in more markets and companies must evaluate where service based delivery may provide value in 2008-2010. Meanwhile Web platforms are emerging which provide service-based access to infrastructure services, information, applications, and business processes through Web based “cloud computing” environments. Companies must also look beyond SaaS to examine how Web platforms will impact their business in 3-5 years.

Computing Fabric.  A computing fabric is the evolution of server design beyond the interim stage, blade servers, that exists today. The next step in this progression is the introduction of technology to allow several blades to be merged operationally over the fabric, operating as a larger single system image that is the sum of the components from those blades. The fabric-based server of the future will treat memory, processors, and I/O cards as components in a pool, combining and recombining them into particular arrangements to suits the owner’s needs. For example a large server can be created by combining 32 processors and a number of memory modules from the pool, operating together over the fabric to appear to an operating system as a single fixed server.

Real World Web.  The term “real world Web” is informal, referring to places where information from the Web is applied to the particular location, activity or context in the real world. It is intended to augment the reality that a user faces, not to replace it as in virtual worlds. It is used in real-time based on the real world situation, not prepared in advance for consumption at specific times or researched after the events have occurred. For example in navigation, a printed list of directions from the Web do not react to changes, but a GPS navigation unit provides real-time directions that react to events and movements; the latter case is akin to the real-world Web of augmented reality. Now is the time to seek out new applications, new revenue streams and improvements to business process that can come from augmenting the world at the right time, place or situation.

Social Software.  Through 2010, the enterprise Web 2.0 product environment will experience considerable flux with continued product innovation and new entrants, including start-ups, large vendors and traditional collaboration vendors. Expect significant consolidation as competitors strive to deliver robust Web 2.0 offerings to the enterprise. Nevertheless social software technologies will increasingly be brought into the enterprise to augment traditional collaboration.

“These 10 opportunities should be considered in conjunction with many proven, fully-matured technologies, as we as others that did not make this list, but can provide value for many companies,” said Carl Claunch, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “For example, real-time enterprises providing advanced devices for a mobile workforce will consider next-generation smartphones to be a key technology, in addition to the value that this list might offer.”

TOP 10 Forecasts for 2008


A bit of Crystal ball gazing ....

Each year since 1985, the editors of THE FUTURIST have selected the most thought-provoking ideas and forecasts appearing in the magazine to go into annual Outlook report. Over the years, Outlook has spotlighted the emergence of such epochal developments as the Internet, virtual reality, and the end of the Cold War.
Here are the editors' top 10 forecasts from Outlook 2008:

1. The world will have a billion millionaires by 2025. Globalization and technological innovation are driving this increased prosperity. But challenges to prosperity will also become more acute, such as water shortages that will affect two-thirds of world population by 2025. --James Canton, author of "The Extreme Future," reviewed in THE FUTURIST May-June 2007, p. 54

2. Fashion will go wired as technologies and tastes converge to revolutionize the textile industry. Researchers in smart fabrics and intelligent textiles (SFIT) are working with the fashion industry to bring us color-changing or perfume-emitting jeans, wristwatches that work as digital wallets, and running shoes like the Nike +iPod that watch where you're going (possibly allowing others to do the same). Powering these gizmos remains a key obstacle. But industry watchers estimate that a $400 million market for SFIT is already in place and predict that smart fabrics could revitalize the U.S. and European textile industry.  --Patrick Tucker, "Smart Fashion," Sep-Oct 2007, p. 68

3. The threat of another cold war with China, Russia, or both could replace terrorism as the chief foreign-policy concern of the United States. Scenarios for what a war with China or Russia would look like make the clashes and wars in which the United States is now involved seem insignificant. The power of radical jihadists is trivial compared with Soviet missile capabilities, for instance. The focus of U.S. foreign policy should thus be on preventing an engagement among Great Powers. --Edward N. Luttwak, "Preserving Balance among the Great Powers," Nov-Dec 2006, p. 26

4. Counterfeiting of currency will proliferate, driving the move toward a cashless society. Sophisticated new optical scanning technologies could, in the next five years, be a boon for currency counterfeiters, so societies are increasingly putting aside their privacy fears about going cashless. Meanwhile, cashless technologies are improving, making them far easier and safer to use. --Allen H. Kupetz, "Our Cashless Future," May-June 2007, p. 37

5. The earth is on the verge of a significant extinction event. The twenty-first century could witness a biodiversity collapse 100 to 1,000 times greater than any previous extinction since the dawn of humanity, according to the World Resources Institute. Protecting biodiversity in a time of increased resource consumption, overpopulation, and environmental degradation will require continued sacrifice on the part of local, often impoverished communities. Experts contend that incorporating local communities' economic interests into conservation plans will be essential to species protection in the next century. --World Trends & Forecasts, Nov-Dec 2006, p. 6

6. Water will be in the twenty-first century what oil was in the twentieth century. Global fresh water shortages and drought conditions are spreading in both the developed and developing world. In response, the dry state of California is building 13 desalination plants that could provide 10%-20% of the state's water in the next two decades. Desalination will become more mainstream by 2020. --William E. Halal, "Technology's Promise: Highlights from the TechCast Project," Nov-Dec, p. 44

7. World population by 2050 may grow larger than previously expected, due in part to healthier, longer-living people. Slower than expected declines of fertility in developing countries and increasing longevity in richer countries are contributing to a higher rate of population growth. As a result, the UN has increased its forecast for global population from 9.1 billion people by 2050 to 9.2 billion. --World Trends & Forecasts, Sep-Oct 2007, p. 10

8. The number of Africans imperiled by floods will grow 70-fold by 2080. The rapid urbanization taking place throughout much of Africa makes flooding particularly dangerous, altering the natural flow of water and cutting off escape routes. If global sea levels rise by the predicted 38 cm by 2080, the number of Africans affected by floods will grow from 1 million to 70 million. --World Trends & Forecasts, July-Aug 2007, p. 7

9. Rising prices for natural resources could lead to a full-scale rush to develop the Arctic. Not just oil and natural gas, but also the Arctic's supplies of nickel, copper, zinc, coal, freshwater, forests, and of course fish are highly coveted by the global economy. Whether the Arctic states tighten control over these commodities or find equitable and sustainable ways to share them will be a major political challenge in the decades ahead. --Lawson W. Brigham, "Thinking about the Arctic's Future: Scenarios for 2040," Sep-Oct 2007, p. 27

10. More decisions will be made by nonhuman entities. Electronically enabled teams in networks, robots with artificial intelligence, and other noncarbon life-forms will make financial, health, educational, and even political decisions for us. Reason: Technologies are increasing the complexity of our lives and human workers' competency is not keeping pace well enough to avoid disasters due to human error. --Arnold Brown, "'Not with a Bang': Civilization's Accelerating Challenge," Sep-Oct 2007, p. 38

Links to Blogs dedicated to Economics


I came across this wonderful collection dedicated towards Economics. No doubt it is a wonderful resource for the Economics wizards.

Source : The Indian Economy Blog

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