Friday, October 26, 2007

Indian Food at its best

This is a great festive season and all Indians are busy gorging on the food which they love. It all starts at Ganesh Chaturthi where we start the feast with Modaks ( momos with sweet coconut filing .. for those who are non marathis here...) and the feast goes on after that .. Ramzan is next ... though I am not a muslim but I love the muslim food and love the entire range of goodies available during ramzan. Next on the agenda is Dusara and Diwali and we suspend all our dieting plans away in closet for this period. I am amazed at the diversity we have when it comes to festival food. We did a pot luck in office and people turned out with 35 different dishes . They vary from Puran Polis to Dhansak and we could not walk after sampling a bit from all 35 dishes.
The food is the most sensory appealing thing on the earth. Sight , Smell , Feel and Taste , all at its best . I wish only my modaks could sing along ... eat me , eat me

here is a sample of the great Indian food

All credit to the owner.