Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jana Gana Man

How can I forget the wonderful National Anthem " Jana gana man" . We all remember it by heart and you swell with pride when it is played at any Large meetings , outdoors and also in foreign land. I can imagine the feelings of any Indian sportsman who wins a GOLD MEDAL and then listens to " Jana Gana Man" when the Indian tri colour is raised. That is a feeling each Indian wants in his life time.

Unfortunatly , India has failed to use this wonderful master piece to ignite a flame of passion amongst Indians. few bars of music and few wonderful words can do a magic. Bharatbala Productions and A R Rahman have made some wonderful attempts to reach the National Anthem to masses in a different way. I love this one and so do my 3 year old one.....

Jana Gana Mana

I also found one more interesting Video on Incredible India on Youtube. Not able to include it here due to its large size but sharing the link.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Software Wars

I came across this interesting map which describes the battle Microsoft fights daily on multiple flanks.

The original map can be seen at

Over the years Microsoft has added many new products and this map will become more complex. Sure it needs the might of Microsoft to hold fort and innovation to ward of battles in all corners. However when enemy concentrates their attack , Microsoft needs to watch out for. The recent battle on the ISO vote on ODF & OOXML is a first wave of the new battle.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spirit of Chak De

Chak De spirit

I saw the movie " Chak De" on 15th August and was really thrilled to see the audience getting involved in the movie like never before. The last time I have witnessed this was during " Titanic" where every body was crying and wiping their tears. The " Chake de " attitude is really catching up in the country and " We Can do it" spirit is rising. The" Chak De" act is not started by the movie but started by the Indian industry which has done big bold business deals , acquired foreign companies as never before . Indians have starting to arrive and making statements like nobody can bully us anymore. Any MNC worldwide has now a definite India Strategy.


However we need to realize that this is only half time. We still have the second half to play. The common Indians need to embrace the spirit of "Chak De" and move on together. I happen to see a interesting news items last week where a Mumbai daily reported that the teenagers working in BPOs are now behaving that they are REALLY FIRANGS and how they hate the DESIs. I was appalled to see the mindset which these unfortunate kids have evolved. The " Chak De" attitude says – drop those firang accents , don't care a damn if the person on other line knows you are an Indian sitting in India answering his call and tell the world that they depend on you to service them.

If our BPO industry pull this off and stop converting Indians into Americans , that will be a REAL " Chak De" .. Cheeers..