Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Indians will never learn

Indian Babus will never learn. Here is the latest incidence of looting common man to mask the inefficiency of their own. As per the latest reports http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/govt_mulls_licence_fee_for_colour_TV/articleshow/2190038.cms

the government is thinking of levying Rs 500 for every TV which will rake in Rs 27000 Crores. This amount will be used to fund salaries of Prasar Bharati employees. Isnt's all of us paying enough taxes to fund all these Babus. Moreover Prasar Bharati has no relevance in controling the assets of any India. With the same logic , RBI can start levying Rs 500 for every bank account and TRAI will start for every mobile phone we own. The logic for such JIZIA TAX is absurd and all such moves needs to be opposed by consumers in court.

I remember @ 30 years back , there used be a license for Radio . Is Prasar Bharati going back 30 years in time and look at solving their own issues by taxing you and me.

Hell with these Babus.